Playing the New Leblanc

I had mixed feelings when the reworked Leblanc came out. She wasn’t instantly deleting people like she used to and that was something I really enjoyed about her. Now with her rework, there’s a delay between the time she can really hurt her opponents. In other words, she has to fully commit in order to kill her opponents, but as I began to play her more, I started to love her again.

Her passive, Sigil of Malice used to be her Q. Instead of being able to cast it however, it now activates with one of her abilities. For example, if you cast Leblanc’s W, Distortion it will mark all enemies hit with Sigil of Malice. After a short duration, Leblanc may cast another one of her abilities for extra damage or effects, consuming the sigil. The same target cannot be marked for five seconds. It’s now crucial to lay down as much damage as possible.

Leblanc’s new Q is Shatter Orb. It’s a little interesting. This is where Riot sacrificed some of her damage for wave clear. Shatter Orb is just a spell that damages an enemy. When combined with enemies by Sigil of Malice, the Q bounces to all nearby enemies and does extra damage. This does more damage to minions.

Leblanc’s W, Distortion for the most part remained unchanged. However, all enemies hit by the W will be afflicted with Sigil of Malice. Leblanc can recast distortion for a short period to return to her previous location. The cool down for this ability is about 8 seconds with twenty percent cool down reduction. This short cool down makes get aways really clean or if you need to chase a low enemy carry through the jungle.

Leblanc’s E, Ethereal Chains also didn’t change much aside from damage and possibly range. Landing Leblanc’s E has never been more important than it is now. Before I feel like less experienced Leblanc players could get away with missing the chain. At this point in time, you actually need to land all of your abilities for the most effective harassment. The reason for the E being so important is because it both activates and consumes Sigil of Malice if it lasts the full duration. It’s another example as to why Leblanc has to fully commit to secure kills.

Finally Leblanc’s R, Mimic is probably one of the coolest updates out of the assassin rework. So Leblanc’s old passive created a clone whenever she got low on health and she would go invisible for a short moment. Well now that has become apart of her ultimate. When Leblanc, casts her ult, she goes invisible and the mimic takes her place. She is then able to cast a stronger version of one of her basic abilities. The mimic expires when it takes damage from champions or turrets.

If you mimic, Leblanc’s ultimate, it spawns a clone at target location instead. Once formed, the mimic will walk towards the nearest visible champion, casting a non damaging version of Leblanc’s most recently used ability upon arrival. Leblanc’s ultimate requires some skill and takes a bit longer to master. It’s very easy to scare enemy champions that you can’t reach into burning their summoner spells. They might even use their valuable ultimates on your clone if you’re particularly low on health. The uses for this ability are practically endless once you master it. My favorite moment was when I was being chased down by the enemy team and my clone face tanked a what would have been a lethal Jinx ultimate.

So while there have been some significant changes to Leblanc’s kit, she still has the potential to deceive her opponents. While it does require a higher amount of skill and better timing of her abilities, she’s still one of the coolest assassins on the rift. Thanks for reading everyone and happy gaming.


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