Game Review: Pokemon Sun/Moon

9 out of 10 Stars

Like many other pokemon fans, you’ve been waiting for a game like Pokemon Sun/Moon for a long time. I will start by saying this game was absolutely fantastic. I mean Nintendo really out did themselves. The plot was good AND interesting, there was character development, and the new Pokemon look amazing (for the most part). Not only that, some new mechanics were added and features from Pokemon XY were reintroduced. So without further delay, let’s get to the meaty review you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s start with the story first. For those of you who don’t want spoilers, I would advise skipping the first few paragraphs. When you begin the game, you are introduced to Professor Kukui, a guy who never wears a shirt ever. He introduces you to the Alolan Region in his own Alolan way. After the introduction, there is a cut scene of a blonde haired girl stealing a cloud shaped Pokemon. She gets cornered and the Pokemon uses its power in order for the two of them to escape. After the clip is over, it shows you, the main character. As you’re on your way to get your first Pokemon, you meet the girl in the cut scene whose name you find out is Lillie. The story follows your character who has a couple of run ins with a group of thugs known as Team Skull. They look like typical gangsters and their design is absolutely amazing! Anyway, these thugs are all about stealing Pokemon like all the other misled antagonists in Pokemon. As the story progresses, you discover that Team Skull is working with Aether Paradise, a place where Pokemon are allowed to roam free. Of course it’s not exactly what it seems.

The story takes a dark turn when it’s revealed that the president has an obsession with a Ultra Beasts who come into our world through wormholes created by the cloud looking Pokemon stolen by Lillie who is later known as Cosmog (nicknamed Nebby by Lillie). Cosmog has the ability to create wormholes and the president was actually willing to kill the Pokemon if it meant that the Ultra Beasts could roam free in our world. The president even turns out to be Lillie’s mom which is a whole different story in and of itself. It allows for some pretty in depth character development that I actually didn’t see coming. I don’t want to spoil much more than that so I recommend playing the game to the very end if you want to know what happens. It’s not all glitter and rainbows. 

Next on the good list is the new Pokemon. The designs were pretty amazing this generation. Of course there are a few flops what with Popplio, who actually grew on me, and Comfey (it’s literally just a lei). Mimikyu really takes the cake for me personally as an iconic Pokemon. It has one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard and its typing is GOD LIKE. The attack stat on this Pokemon is in no way fair. Not to mention you only have about a 5% chance of catching it in the wild. Of course, you could always trade for it. I’m currently breeding Mimikyu myself. Type: NULL is also a really cool looking Pokemon. Another one that stood out was the evolved form of Wimpod, Golisopod. The attack stat on that thing is MONSTROUS!! It looks like an absolute beast and it’s the coolest bug type I’ve ever been proud to own.

With the new Pokemon, came new specific ways to evolve Pokemon. Some were more tedious than others, for example, only female Salandits will evolve and you only have a 12.5% chance of encountering one. The unfortunate thing  about this is that they’re actually quite common, making them one of the worst grinds in Pokemon history. I recommend trading for one if you’re just looking to complete the Pokedex.

So as many of you might know, there are no longer HM’s! Yay! No more HM whores. So now you can ride a select few Pokemon to help you along your journey. I’m on the fence about this because I think it would be cool if you could just ride Pokemon you’ve caught. It would be awesome to ride on the back of Lunala or Solgaleo. Then there’s the whole Pokemon calling for help. A lot of people HATE this. I’m on the fence about it. There are pros and cons to this. Cons being that it can make a simple capture take much longer and it might even make some battles tougher than they need to be. Then there’s always that feeling of guilt/sadness when aid does not come to the Pokemon. It’s absolutely heart wrenching. The pros being its great for encountering rare Pokemon as well as shiny ones. This feature alone is probably why Pokemon Sun/Moon didn’t get the perfect score it tried so hard to achieve.

There are many other things about Pokemon Sun/Moon that I didn’t mention because I didn’t really want to spoil much more. There is post game content that is engaging and of course Nintendo wants you to sit through all the credits after you beat the game. Don’t turn off the game or you’ll find yourself having to do some things over again. So just sit tight eager McBeavers. Let me know what you thought of the game! Thanks for reading and happy gaming!