Uproar After China Executes Icon of Injustice Jia Jinglong

Jia Jinglong, an ordinary farmer turned icon of injustice was sentenced to death. He was convicted of murdering an official because he suspected that he was behind the illicit demolishing of his home just nights before his wedding. After which, his fiance called it off. Jia is just one of many who has suffered injustices by Chinese officials. His execution sent ripples all across China. 

Zhang Qianfan a Peking University law scholar, says, “The legal community and the whole of society have been calling for the death penalty not to be carried out. But in the end, even this wasn’t enough to change the court’s final decision. I think it shows indifference towards a citizen’s right to life.”

This action to move forward with the execution says a lot about Zhou Qiang, the president of China’s Supreme court. He firmly believes that only the lives of officials should be spared. If it is an average person, he shall be executed with no question. What many wonder if his choice will cause an uprising in China. Many Chinese are at the mercy of the government officials. What makes Jia incredibly unique is that he felt the only way to express his anger was to kill the person behind the demolition of his house. He took all legal actions to try and receive compensation, but it was to no avail.

For someone who lost everything and tried everything he could to get it back, killing the one responsible was a last, desperate resort. This might be the beginning of a revolution to stand against the injustice of Chinese officials. However, there are some who think this will just be another day in the life of China as stories like these are not uncommon and happen so often that many people have become jaded to the stories they heard.

“I don’t think anything will happen or change as a result of this. Stuff like this happens all the time and most people don’t really care or are used to it happening.” says Wang Shimeng, an avid Chinese news reader.

Author: Kae Mason


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