How Trump Won the Election: What Really Happened

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump to concede late November 8th. While Clinton won the popular vote, she lost among the electoral college votes. Trump had an astounding 306 electoral college votes while Clinton only had 232. Many factors played into the election of Trump and while many are upset about his election it is not hard to see why it happened. Many of the young adult votes went towards Gary Johnson as many were rather unsatisfied with their choice of candidates. Clinton failed to campaign properly and was rather quiet which allowed Trump and Trump supporters to feed off her scandalous emails. This might have even contributed to the way young adults (18-29) voted or why they chose not to vote. Here at VNR, we interviewed students at Harper College.

The overwhelming reason many young adults went for third party was because they were dissatisfied with this year’s choices. It was often described as choosing between getting shot in the right foot or the left foot. Long story short, nobody wins. When asked why they didn’t vote for Trump, many said that it was because they didn’t agree with his policies. They didn’t necessarily believe that Trump would be a bad president, but some communities might suffer if some of his intended plans did come to fruition. On the other hand, when asked why they didn’t vote Hillary, it was a question of trust. The e-mail fiasco was suspect and they questioned why she would be hiding anything at all. One student mentioned how they disliked how Bernie Sanders was kicked to the curb as a result of Clinton’s meddling.

“I believe I would have voted for Sanders and many other people. I don’t think everything he said would have happened, but there might have been some progress made towards goals such as a higher minimum wage. It confuses me as to why Clinton didn’t take him as a vice president. She most certainly would have won without a doubt,” says a student who asked to remain anonymous.

This leads us to how Clinton failed to campaign properly. She fell off the map for most of August and she failed to appeal to white working class voters. Trump went to those states and turned the tides one way or the other. If Clinton had taken a tour in the mid west to appeal or contest Trump’s claims about her, she might have just won the election given how close some of the votes were. There is question as to why she didn’t tour. Why would she stay silent when it was imperative that defend her good image? She allowed a shady image to become concrete in an election that was all too important for her to win.

Trump excelled in many places and campaigned intelligently. While he said many things others might have disagreed with or were offended by, ultimately he was still able to win their vote. Some of his policies were not a crowd favorite, but he emphasized the ones that were. He wants to be stricter on immigration laws and regulations and keep criminal Latino immigrants out of America. These are ideas that many people believe to be handled and he also wants to create jobs! Another pressing issue that Americans would like to have resolved. The emphasis and stress on these ideals were probably key in getting his well earned presidency.


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