It’s Not Rigged, It’s Politics

Donald Trump says many things that many people do not agree with, but that doesn’t he spouts nonsense. In several of Trump’s interviews, he makes it known that the polls are rigged and that a dishonest media stands against him in his run for presidency. While experts say it is highly unlikely that someone would rig the polls, the media does seem to heavily favor Hillary Clinton. However, one cannot forget that Trump is an ‘insider’ when it comes to the world of politics. He has credibility when it comes to discussing the corruption of the United States government. Not to mention he probably has his reasons for becoming one of the most disliked candidates in the history of America.

It all seems like a ploy for the government to put whoever they want into office. Trump could be a potential threat to the American government. He knows the ins and the outs. If he ever became president, he could probably send America’s government crumbling to its knees. He is still a rich man and he has acquainted himself with some of the most powerful in the United States. The system may not be rigged, but it can be corrupt.

While the media isn’t necessarily dishonest, it does fail to point out how suspicious that women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Trump would pick now to come forward. It would make more sense if they had come forward earlier. At least, that would make it seem less like a dirty tactic for the Democrats to discredit him. This also doesn’t mean that the absence of evidence is the evidence of absence. It’s still quite believable that Trump did assault women, but was it really the women that came forward? It is a question that has yet to be addressed.

On top of that, the media was quick to jump on the attack. Not only did Trump dismiss the accusations, he threatened to sue those women for defamation. It all smells fishy and not in the good way. Is it possible that Trump is not supposed to win the election so the people will be happy with whoever comes into office? Could the United States really handle Clinton for the next four years? We do not know, but we certainly hope she does better than expectations. The polls aren’t rigged, it’s just politics.


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