Josh Brown’s Career May Be Over, But Maybe His Punishment is too Harsh

Josh Brown’s domestic violence case was recently reopened after new evidence revealed that he had admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his ex wife. The player originally had a one game suspension and many believed that punishment had been too lenient. He appeared in five games just before the decision was made. Jordan Radaan, an ESPN staff writer says, “Brown is not expected to appeal commissioner’s exempt list decision.” Many speculate that this could be the end of Brown’s career. It is no secret that the NFL has dealt with these kinds of cases before. No one likes a wife beater. From a business stand point, it may not be wise to sign Brown onto a professional team. Local sources say that the Giants do not intend to abandon their kicker.

Many people had a lot to say about the Brown case. We interviewed Katina Joiner, who has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and asked her how she felt the Brown Case was handled. “I believe he should get whatever the law says he should get. People who have been successfully charged with domestic violence still have their jobs and no one talks about it.” There are those who would argue and say that Josh Brown is to be a role model, but like all celebrities, they do not choose to be role models. Football is just his occupation and it is what he’s good at. The media blows up the news just because he’s a celebrity. Brown should be treated just like any other person.

That is to say, just because he’s famous he is not above the law. Domestic Violence is a serious problem and the victims should most certainly have justice. According to the Giants’ co-owner John Mara, “Brown admitted to us he’d abused his wife in the past. What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.” Some might see that as Brown asking for help. This was a signal that they chose to ignore and this is the consequence of that. If the Giants intend to keep Brown, they should take proper steps to aid him in recovery and rehabilitation. Surely there are things to prevent this from happening again. It is just sad that things had to become this messy for anyone to do anything.


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